Yin Yoga Certification with Carole Westerman          

September 21-23 2018

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Revolutionary 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

Let’s Bend: Workshopping Backbends with Clarissa Mae


Whether you find yourself able to backbend with ease or they are a constant struggle there is always something new to learn. Some people struggle with relying on the natural bend in the lumbar spine. Others have trouble opening the front body while backbending. Both of these challenges, as well as several others can be overcome in this workshop. You will be guided through backbending drills and flows to help you self-analyze the patterns your body exhibits right now and develop new strategies to change those patterns to find ease and strength in backbending.  No backhanding experience necessary, but an open mind and a willing heart.  Backbending takes strength, grace, and courage and I can’t wait to help you find all 3!

Chakra Study With Celia Miner

The word "chakra" translated from the Sanskrit literally means "wheel". In yoga, we consider the chakras to be a part of what we call our subtle energy system: 7 whirling energy  centers that are connected by "nadis" or channels that flow up and down the spine.  We will identify the chakras and learn about the individual characteristics and qualities of each one.  We will experience the colors, the sounds, the mudras and the mantras of each charkra.  We will talk about the possibility that a chakra may become "blocked", the effects both physical and emotional and how we might address that problem.  We will explore whether there may be a connection between the chakras and our general health.  


If time permits, we will do a short asana practice that illustrates how chakras may be used to strengthen and/or enhance a physical posture.