RYT 500 Workshops with Carole Western and Evolve to Harmony Yoga School

Yin Yoga Level 2 Training with Carole Westerman in Sioux Falls

June 7-9

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Friday 6-9pm
Saturday 10am-5pm
Sunday 10am-3pm

Ready to take your level of Traditional Chinese Medicine, the elements, and Yin Yoga to the next level?
This training is designed to do just that, and builds upon the foundations of the Level I Training with Carole.
Whether you plan on continuing to integrate a few Yin poses into your Flow class or private sessions, or you plan on teaching Yin Yoga as stand alone offering, this training will ramp up your knowledge and skillset.

In this training you will learn:
- Review of Level I
- Five Element Phase Theory
- The Meridian System in Yin Yoga
- Yin Yoga Liver & Gallbladder Sequence
- Yin Yoga Five Element Sequence
- Yin Yoga Stomach & Spleen Sequence
- Conception Vessel & Governing Vessel
- Hands on Meridian Exploration
- Usage of Props
- Modifications for poses
- MyoFascial Release with tennis balls/ foam rollers
- Thai Yoga Assists in Yin Yoga
- Pranayama in Yin Yoga
- More Mindfullness Techniques
**Includes Manual**

This module can be taken individually as continuing education, or as part of the 300/500 Hour Training Program at Evolve to Harmony Yoga School.

Restorative Yoga Training with Carole Westerman in Sioux Falls

September 27-29

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In this training you will learn:
- The difference between Yin & Restorative
- The hallmarks of Restorative Yoga
- Benefits of Stress Reduction
- Usage of Props for Support
- Guiding Relaxation for Students
- Pranayama for Restorative Yoga
- Assists for Restorative Yoga
- Aromatherapy for Restorative Yoga
- Supportive and Soothing Savasana
- General Restorative Yoga Sequence
- Soothing Spinal Restorative Yoga Sequence

Required book:

Restorative Yoga for Life by Gail Grossman


Friday 6-9pm
Saturday 10am-5pm
Sunday 10am-3pm

This module may be taken individually as CEUs, or as part of the Evolve to Harmony 300/500 Hour Training.

Revolutionary 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

Revolutionary Yoga Teacher Training



Investment: 2700.00 Includes all required books. Can be paid in a payment plan

Total of 180 Contact Hours:

130 Required Teacher Training Curriculum as Follows

30 Required Yoga Practice with Lead Trainer

10 Required Class Observations

10 Required Class Assists

20 Non Contact Hours:

6 hours of Practice Teaching to be taught with no compensation

14 Hours of Personal Sadhana, reading, practice, and study

September 21, 22, 23 – Yin Certification taught by Carole Westerman

For September we offer as part of our 200 hour curriculum, a Yin Yoga Certification weekend at Revolution with guest teacher, Carole Westerman. Only in September, our schedule will include a Friday evening. We will meet as a group on Saturday and Sunday mornings before the official start of Yin training to establish ourselves as a group, go over guidelines and expectations for the course of study and to cover some basic content.

Hours for September only:

Friday September 21, 6-9 PM – All Yin Certification Hours

Saturday September 22, 8-5 (8-10 we will meet as a small group)

200 Hour expectations and requirements, introductions and intentions

Sunday September 23, 9-3 (9-10 we will meet as a small group)

  • Sanskrit Counting Surya A intro

October 20, 21

Saturday 9-6 Surya Namaskar A and B, Sanskrit, History of Yoga, Intro to the Yoga Sutras

Sunday 8-5 –The Eight Limbs, including Yamas and Niyamas,  intro to anatomy for yoga

November 17, 18

Saturday 9-6– Pose Break Down Standing Poses, Seated Poses

Sunday 8-5, Assists, Pranayama, Subtypes of Yoga, Specific training in Hot 26, Ashtanga

January 12, 13

Saturday 9-6 Reiki Level 1 training.  Ayruveda, Subtle Body, Yoga for Seniors, Prenatal Yoga, Plus Size Yoga

Sunday 8-5 Mudras, Mantras, Meditation

February – 9,10

Saturday 9-6– Intro to Revolution Master Flow, Arc of a class Practice Teach Surya A

Sunday 8-5 Playlist, Sequencing, Kids Yoga, Yoga For Athletes, Practice Teach Surya B


March 9, 10

Saturday 9-6– Chakra certification Practice teach Revolution Master Flow, Aspects of Power, Basic, Gentle Class

Sunday 8-5 Sequencing, Theming, The art of the workshop, Private Lessons, Corporate Yoga, Yoga for Beginners

April 13,14

Saturday 9-6 Business of Yoga, Finding your Voice, Creating Community

Sunda 8-5 Time to Teach: Each Teacher Trainer Teaches a unique sequence

October Beginner Yoga Series

It’s your time to begin

It’s your time to begin